Royal yabo娱乐IHC delivers tensioners for all pipe- and cable-laying applications with a track record of over 125 systems delivered worldwide

We design and deliver 2-track tensioners in both horizontal and vertical track configurations,和4履带张紧器。Our range of tensioners is ideal for flexible,rigid (coated) pipe- or cable-laying operations.

  • Hydraulic suspension system for bulky item passage
  • 坚固且易于维护的设计
  • 针对客户特定管道的创新定制衬垫配置
  • Sophisticated control system developed in-house
  • 可提供水平和垂直设计

Range of tensioners available

  • 电流张力范围:10-500t
  • Pipe OD range: 4-70"(混凝土和PE/PP涂层管)和50-630mm(柔性/刚性管)
  • 配置:2轨道(垂直或水平)和4轨道

Our range can be tailored to meet customer-specific requirements,including variables such as friction coefficients,挤压力和接触长度。yabo娱乐IHC tensioners have the unique capability to adjust track body position,管夹在一起,准确保持管道张力。

Research and development (R&D)

Our R&D programmes ensure that we remain at the forefront of technology.其中一个重点领域是管垫摩擦技术。针对摩擦系数较低的管道涂料,开发了专用的涂层友好型衬垫材料。such as PU/PP/PE pipe coatings,优化握力,最大限度地提高张紧器的安装能力。

FEA methodology has been developed to optimise pad designs and to analyse pad-pipe friction behaviour.我们设备齐全的内部试验台也可用于测试客户特定管道的摩擦。

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